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We will be there as your foothold to support your step into global market!

Exhibition industry often compared to "Construction" in service industry causing a huge forward and backward linkage.

Trade exhibition industry has been growing consistently alongwith increasing trade due to expanding FTA and enlarging of venues around the world.

Especially Exhibition industry in Asian region including Korea is expected to grow rapidly and is catching a number of
industry leaders' attention.

There is a great opportunity in Asian exhibition industry to develop even more and at this very moment, you can find
a lot of companies are growing based on this opportunity.

So far, Global Business Exhibitions has challenged to lead Korea's future exhibition industry as a leading organizer.

   - Global Business Exhibitions is the first one who performs roles of organizer and sales agent for overseas exhibitions
     with one industry sector in Korea.
   - Global Business Exhibitions is the first private company who was selected as executing organization by MOTIE
     (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Environment)
   - Global Business Exhibitions is the first and only company who lured investment from boarding company but still keeps
     its business control independently.

However Global Business Exhibitions is not satisfied with its modifier "the First".

We expect that global exhibition companies who have strong contents, industrial analytical skill and marketing strategy
will distinguish oneself because global exhibition industry is getting more specialized and accelerated.

As a global exhibition enterprise, we well understand that exhibition is useful method to help business expanding of
companies. And also we believe that chances for researching information and building up networking are fairly given to
everyone at the exhibition site.

Therefore we aim at optimizing this opportunity for the companies participating exhibitions via Global Business

Passion and performance towards World's best creativity and
professionalism, these are the real power of Global Business Exhibitions,
and Global Business Exhibitions is leaping up to global exhibition
organizer with that power.

We will respond to wherever and whoever would like to
cooperate with us.

We will be there to connect Korea and worldwide.

Global Business Exhibitions will walk together next to
you to develop your company to Global brand.

Thank you,

CEO & Founder of
Global Business Exhibitions
David S.H. Lee